S1 and S2 : Sony Tablet Based on Android 3.0 Has Released!

Sony, one of the big electronic device vendor would like to compete other vendors. After long time we didn’t hear the news, yesterday Sony announced the release of Android 3.0-based tablet computer. This Sony Tablet computer named S1 and S2.

S1 and S2 : Sony Tablet Based on Android 3.0 Has Released!

S1 and S2 are Sony made tablet computer which used Android 3.0 operating system or popularly called Android Honeycomb. Sony seemed slow in releasing and marketing their tablet computer compared with other vendors. But Sony still couldn’t be seen lightly, it’s proven by Sony target which focused on second position behind iPad in selling.

Sony S1 is a sony tablet with 1 touch screen, not far differences with other tablet such as iPad etc. While Sony S2 is a Sony tablet equipped with 2 touch screens, designed as a book to add your comfort when reading digital book.

The plan is, Sony S1 and Sony S2 would be marketed in the end of 2011 and ready to compete with other tablet such as iPad 2 and other tablets.

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