Samsung still supplies Apple A6 Processor?

Although the fire is still burning with two parties asked the competitor each other prohibited to be distributed in certain countries, unfinished patent war, but a new report said that Samsung will still supply A6 processor for Apple. According to Korea Times newspaper, source from industry’s inside man claimed that Apple didn’t satisfy about Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC), which previously rumored to make A6, there said that its manufacture was unstable and Apple didn’t want to take a risk with new producer.

Samsung still supplies Apple A6 Processor?

The source said that Apple has talked with Samsung about quad core A6 processor which would be used still in the next iPhone. It seems like Apple and Samsung still maintain their relation as important business partner. TSMC still provides customization processor for Apple, but in smaller amount. Manufacture process in TSMC hasn’t been stable yet. Since previous Apple pattern in adopting technology, Apple won’t take any risk. Samsung offered better price and higher capacity commitment for A6.

Quad core A6 system is predicted to be used in the next iPhone and iPad, since iPhone 4S and iPad 2 run dual core A5 processor. iPhone processor along these time is produced by Samsung, it made Samsung and Apple as advantegous business partner for two parties, even lately they involve on patent war.

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