Seagate: Thinnest External Hard Disk in the World has been released!

Seagate which is one of reliable hard disk vendor has announced their new product, that is external hard disk which claimed as the thinnest in the world. This thinnest external hard disk recently called GoFlex Slim. This GoFlex Slim thickness is only 9mm!!

Seagate: Thinnest External Hard Disk in the World has been released!

Compared with iPad 2, GoFlex Slim still 0.2 mm thinner. With storage capacity to 320GB, GoFlex Slim is 38% thinner than the previous version.

But, don’t think that with such thin shape, GoFlex Slim defeated by other thicker hard disk. With only 9 mm thickness, GoFlex Slim has equipped with various latest technology, such as rotary speed to 7200RPM also USB 3.0 connectivity to make data transfer process faster.

When you buy this GoFlex Slim hard disk, you’ll get bundling software for backup and file and folder encryption for free.

GoFlex Slim can be used in computer whether with Windows operating system or Mac. Unfortunately, this GoFlex Slim is still sold with high price, that is 80 Poundsterling or about $130 USD. Market share focused by Seagate through this GoFlex Slim hard disk is netbook user or thin laptop which usually has small internal storage.


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