See How Easily You Can Get a Quick Cash From Used Gadgets

If you own used gadgets, no matter it’s cell phone, e-reader, laptop, MP3 player or even empty ink cartridges, you can get a quick cash from those products quickly with EcoATM. EcoATM is different with common ATM. It’s like automatic used gadgets marketplace that allow you to trade your used gadgets and get your cash automatically without any human interaction.

See How Easily You Can Get a Quick Cash From Used Gadgets

EcoATM machine is the fastest way to get cash from your used gadgets. It has thousands of gadgets type databases and it can decide the price for your used gadgets in a fair price. It works with a simple steps. First you choose what kind of gadget you want to trade..cell phone, e-reader, laptop, MP3 player or empty ink cartridges. Select the menu on the screen. Then open the gadget box and insert your used gadgets there. ecoATM will scanning your gadget type using OCR technology. After your gadget’s type detected, then a cable will snake out from EcoATM and a code will given to you. Insert your code on your used gadget and then connect the cable and close the box again. Now EcoATM will check your used gadget’s condition and electricity then decide the price. Now when every checking progress complete, it will ask you for your driver license. EcoATM will scan your driver license as the security protection. Now you can get your fresh cash from EcoATM , it’s very quickly. The process is less than 10 minutes only.

Watch this video below to know how EcoATM works:

It’s great, right? I hope EcoATM will growing very quickly so I can found the ATM anywhere in this Country. Today there are several place where you can find EcoATM, such as at Nebraska Furniture Mart, Microsoft Corporate Campus, Glendale Galleria, Westfield culver city, Lakewood Center Mall, Westfield MainPlace, shop at Mission Viejo, Westfield Plaza Camino Real, Westfield North County Fair, Ralphs Del Mar, Ralphs Del Jola, Westfield UTC, Westfield Mission Valley, Westfield Parkway, Westfield Horton Plaza, and Westfield Plaza Bonita.

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