Shigeru Miyamoto – Man Behind Nintendo Games

What’s in your head hearing word: “Nintendo”? In the past, it could be said that almost all children and teen played this game console and most of you familiar with its various games like Mario, Donkey Kong etc.

Who doesn’t know Nintendo. Genius game console launched around 1980’s once had been the idol for children and teenager almost all over the earth. Moreover, this console successfully made game with largest selling in 16 bit era, which was successful reaching 49 millions units.

Shigeru Miyamoto – Man Behind Nintendo Games

Shigeru Miyamoto (image via mashable)

Shigeru Miyamoto, Yup right. He was the man behind the birth of this phenomenon Nintendo game console. This Japanese who was born in 16 November 1952 was a Game Designer debutant from Japan who at that time launched Nintendo as console game with its sophisticated features. Miyamoto also played role in introducing a narative structure in video game until launched hardware which triggered revolution of user interface in video game. One of the biggest innovation brought by Miyamoto into game industry world was – his idea in popularizing narrative game structure. It’s probably not so great nowadays, but at that time, thinking about narrative structure in video game was a revolutionary thing since before Miyamoto’s development, gameplay or game structure only centered on idea about how to reach highest score.

Shigeru Miyamoto – Man Behind Nintendo Games


And the first Miyamoto success story in narative game was a story about love triangle between a carpenter, woman and a gorilla. Yup, absolutely correct! That game now, or previously well-known as Donkey Kong and the game became the first successful game from Miyamoto. It couldn’t be deined that Nintendo has huge influence to video game world and design of experience and interaction between players and game they played. Even it would be appropriate if Nintendo put in the same line as Apple, Microsoft, Xerox etc. what do you think? :D


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