Soon You’ll be able to do Site Blocking in Google Search Page

Have you felt annoyed when trying to get an information in Google Search Engine and finding many unworthy site for you, cheating you with mess contain? This resentful feeling get larger when you try to find another information next day and the site came again. Just waste time! That’s what cross your mind when you enter the unclear site many times. Don’t be frustrated since Google would release a simple feature to block the site you don’t want in Google searching page. What and how the new feature of Google would be? Keep reading the article!

Yesterday Google has just announced that it would add new feature in its searching page; Blocking Unwanted Sites! No matter what site you want to block its existence in Google searching page, you could block it easier.

According to information I’ve got from Official Company Blog Google, the way to block the site you don’t want is so simple. You just have to log in to one of your Google account (like Gmail, etc), then start searching in Google Search Engine just like you used to do. When the searching appeared, click one site you want, and if the site doesn’t match your expectation, click on back to return to Google page. You’ll get one additional link beside “Cached” and “Similar”. This link is “Block result”

Google Site Blocking Feature

When you’ve done blocking to the site, the site wouldn’t appear in your Google searching when you try to find another information the other day.

Site Blocked by Google

The site you’ve blocked connected directly with your Google account. You could manage all blocked site easier. You could put another site in or release the site from your blocking list.

Blocked Site Management

Blocked Site Management

When the feature will be released? Google stated that the blocking site feature would be released tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. But for temporary, the feature could only be enjoyed in which used English, and to use it, the supported browser are Chrome 9+, IE8+ and Firefox 3.5+. Google would continue to develop this feature for other browser and Google with other language. Just wait this interesting feature from Google.

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