Symbian Decreases, Android Reaches their Peak!

A new phenomena has damaged the previous smartphone ruler, Nokia with its Symbian. Android which succeed in decreasing market share of Nokia and Symbian into 26% from previous 45%. Android now left their competitors fast.
Canalys Research Bureau has noted that android market share has reached 35% globally. Previous year, Android still got only 10% market share.

Symbian Decreases, Android Reaches their Peak!

Android strength in increasing its market share drastically couldn’t be avoided from various vendor role which gave full support to this Google created mobile operating system. Such as Samsung Electronics, Sony Ericsson, Motorolam LG Electronics to HTC.

Nokia which realized the weak of Symbian position recently grab Microsoft with their Windows Phone 7 to defend in the middle of other smartphones attack.

For other huge OS such as iOS in iPhone there still a stable market, where in point 18% globally. BlackBerry is right behind them with 14% market share globally. This data showed that most of market share “ate” by android were market share of Nokia and Symbian.

Nokia which now cooperating with Windows Phone 7 still left by not popular operating system, Samsung Bada. A data concluded that Handset based on windows phone 7 only shipped 2 million units while Samsung Bada has reached more than 3,5 million units in first quarter of 2011. It seemed like Smartphone ruler operating system has changed from Symbian to Android.

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