The Best Antivirus 2012 List

There are so many antivirus software provided nowadays. So many of them which made us confuse when choosing it. In this 2012, pusatgratis gave reference of The Best Antivirus 2012 List taken from trusted source.


According to data taken from Independent Test of Anti-Virus Software, here is The Best Antivirus 2012 list arranged according to some categories:

A. The Best Antivirus 2012 List according to its scanning process speed (Upper rank has faster scanning process speed)

1. Avast!
2. Panda
3. K7
4. Webroot
5. McAfee
6. Sophos
7. Trend Micro
8. Kaspersky
10. AVG
11. BitDefender
12. Symantec
13. F-Secure
14. TrustPort
15. G Data
16. ESET
17. eScan
18. Qihoo
19. PC Tools
20. Microsoft


B. The Best Antivirus 2012 List according to its detection ability (Upper rank has stronger virus detection ability)

1. G Data
2. Trustport
3. Avast!
4. Panda, F Secure (Seri)
5. Qihoo
6. BitDefender
7. AVIRA, ESET (Seri)
8. eScan
9. Kaspersky
10. McAfee
11. Microsoft
12. Symantec
13. Trend Micro
14. Sophos
15. PC Tools
16. AVG
17. Webroot
18. K7


C. The Best Antivirus 2012 List according to its accuracy (Upper rank has higher accuracy level)

1. McAfee
2. Microsoft
3. BitDefender, eScan, F-Secure (Seri)
4. Sophos
6. PC Tools
7. Symantec
8. Kaspersky, Trustport (Seri)
9. K7
10. AVG
11. G DATA, Panda (Seri)
12. Avast!
13. ESET
14. Webroot
15. Qihoo
16. Trend Micro


Data above is produced from accurate testing. All antivirus are tested with 403.543 virus consisted of 23.273 worm, 42.988 backdoor/bot, 319.560 trojan, and 17.722 malware.

Does your favorite Antivirus include into The Best Antivirus 2012 List above?
You can select antivirus according to its speed, detection ability, or according to its accuracy.

I wish The Best Antivirus 2012 List can be useful for you who confuse choosing antivirus. The choice is in your hand :)

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