The cheapest Tablet computer in the world has Released!

You must be familiar with iPad. This Apple produced device has brought Tablet Computer popular in the whole world. Recently, there are many people want to have iPad, but it couldn’t be come true since its expensive price. Along with more popularity gained by iPad, similar kind of company also started to release tablet computer to join and take the market share. Just like RIM with their Blackberry Playbook, Samsung with Galaxy Tab, HP with Touchpad, and still many others. However, still those devices have relative expensive price. But then India surprised the world by producing Tablet computer which recently claimed as the cheapest tablet in the world. This India-produced Tablet computer is just needed $50 producing cost!

The cheapest Tablet computer in the world has Released!

This India-produced Tablet computer was made by Indian Ministry of Education which is produced for education. Students can have this Tablet computer by only $ 50. By this Tablet Computer, students are able to see online library to read digital book, watching video, surfing in the Net, reading ebook, sending email, messaging, etc.

This India-made Tablet Computer has smaller size than iPad. This Tablet computer has Android operating system. In a glance, its feature seemed not so far than iPad or Galaxy Tab, but in hardware and peripheral factor, there seemed that this computer left behind other Tablet Computer.

The cheapest Tablet Computer from India has 7 inches screen, far smaller dimension than iPad and Galaxy Tab. It’s equipped with HD touch screen and two USB ports also Android operating system, made this tablet computer features could be compared with other Android Tablet. But from this CNN video, there seemed that the Tablet Computer screen isn’t as sensitive as iPad or Galaxy Tab. Are you interesting to have Tablet Computer with only $50 cost?

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