There’s a Software to Destroy Email True!

Have you ever heard about Email destructing software? In fact this software is really exists. A famous software company from India named Seclore successfully made a program.

The software which is made by Seclore is a tool which functioned to make that an email would be destroyed automatically. In other word, email account which used this tool will be only able to see only in temporary time. After the limit passed, the email will be deleted by itself from email receiver inbox.

There’s a Software to Destroy Email True!

This Software is developed using Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology. By this technology, email receiver wouldn’t be able to send or print email to be spread to other parties. It would be really useful if related with patent.

From internet user perspective, this tools is less attractive and inefficient. But for a company, this tool would be really helpful and we indirectly improve the company efficiency from Security, because by this tools, a company would be able to minimize parties who wanted to misuse company’s file or document.

Along with technology development, we can see that user needs are more complexes, one of the software to destroy email for security. So, don’t be surprised if several months in the future, there would be more advanced and sophisticated software.

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