This Blogger hired a Person Just to Slap Him?! What?!

If you’re searching a good job and seems like the funniest job in the world, you should try to apply a position to Maneesh Sethi. He is a blogger from San Fransisco who recently had just hired a person just to slap him. The salary is also great, $8 per hour… or about $1920 per month by assumption of working 8 hours per day. Oh wow!

Maneesh did this because he felt that he too much waste his time in Facebook, YouTube and Reddit when working. He had done research by using time management tools. The result showed Maneesh work productivity is only 38%. Rest of them? Wasted on Facebook, YouTube, Reddit and others.

To overcome it, Maneesh directly posted a vacancy in Craiglist and search for a person who’s willing to work for him.

Here is the vacancy he opened in Craiglist:

Title: Slap me when Ignoring Work…
I’m searching for someone who’s able to work with me in defined location (whether home or café), and willing to monitor whatever in my laptop screen. If I wasted my time, you can yell or slap me if you need to.
You can do your other work at the same time. Searched immediately. Salary: $8 per hour

Less than an hour after posted the vacancy in Craiglist, there was already 20 incoming emails. Maneesh finally chose Kara, a woman who seems so dedicated to monitor Maneesh works.

When the work hour arrived, Maneesh met Kara. He gave some worklist he supposed to do, and if Maneesh out of that list, Kara may slap him.

In three hours, Maneesh already received some slaps which seemed… ouch… hurt!… hehe… :D

By this effort, finally Maneesh successfully increased his productivity from 38% to 98%! Wow… It’s worth hiring ‘slapper’ with such expensive salary ^^

This Blogger hired a Person Just to Slap Him?! What?!

Low productivity is truly haunted whoever works without supervisor (including me! Hehe…). Temptation to get relax, playful, and lazy is so great. SOT tried to overcome it using StayFocusd chrome extension combined with Pomodoro technique. But, seeing the Maneesh successfulness, it seems like SOT should also consider to recruit a ‘slapper’ too. What do you think? ^^

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