This Day would Be An Internet Doomsday? Why should be Scared?! This is the Fact!

Surely you have found out about Internet Doomsday issue which would happen today. Many people scared that it would happen and really made “digital world” to stop spinning. Outside the spread fact and issues, SOT will share a bit explanation related with Internet Doomsday according to the fact I collected.

What cause this Internet Doomsday issue appeared?

Internet Doomsday Issue appeared because of FBI plan which would maintain and clean DNS server which was infected by DNSChanger malware. According to the schedule, Infected DNS server would be cleaned on July 9th 2012 in local time. Along this DNSChanger malware cleaning, infected user’s computer would have potential to lose internet access temporary. Surely after the DNS server setting restore process has finished.


Who will receive the effect?

According to FBI explanation, DNSChanger has successfully infected about 4 million computers in more than 100 countries. 500,000 infection was done in US.

Will I get the effect?

To find out whether you’ll receive the effect of this DNS Server cleaning process, you just have to check on this page:

There’s also other DNS Checking site which their lists can be viewed here


If the checking result showed DNS Resolution = GREEN, it means you won’t get effected by DNS Server cleaning process.

It means you can access internet smoothly as usual without any effect.

What’s wrong in internet doomsday issue?

  • Event renamed gave huge contribution in this issue. Actually, the real thing is, DNS server cleaning from DNSChanger Malware and DNS restore setting, but since there are many people called it as internet doomsday, there are many exaggerating interpretation appeared.
  • Many people got wrong assuming that today digital world will stop running, means internet access would totally died all over the world. It’s not true because not all DNS server were attacked by DNSChanger malware. Only infected DNS setting will be cleaned and restored the DNS.
  • So many people got wrong said that all internet users would receive huge loss because of this internet access shutdown. It because DNSChanger Malware didn’t infected all DNS server. FBI has explained that only 4 million computer would get effected by this DNSChanger infection, where 500,000. the victim would be found in US.
  • Many people got wrong perception that internet will collapsed started from today until very long time. It’s not true. After cleaning and restore DNS setting in infected DNS Server, all internet access would return to normal.

By such facts, why should we scare about internet doomsday?

By such facts, SOT’s friend don’t have to worry about internet doomsday issue spread. Moreover if your computer has detected GREEN after checked using

Other facts, FBI has work hard and cooperated with non-profit Internet System Consortium institution to check temporary infected DNS server to minimizing internet access disturbance when cleaning DNS server and restore DNS setting happened.

I wish this information would be useful and would be able to win most of internet admirer in Indonesia who worried that internet doomsday will really happened.

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