TV 3D Sony which put on your head, has been Sold in London

When Sony revealed HMZ-T1 3D viewer, a headset with integrated OLED 3D screen on CES Las Vegas last January, many people commented: “It won’t be sold” and “that’s just concept”. But Sony proved that they were wrong. This headset is not only concept, but it really sold 800 pounds. This Headset was launched on Harrods, luxurious department store in London, and it would be on Sony Store on England rest of this year.

TV 3D Sony which put on your head, has been Sold in London

Two OLED screens with high contrast are placed in certain way to make it very close to your eyes. Sony claimed, this is the first 3D TV which doesn’t make you dizzy. These two panels are truly separated, so it’s also the first 3D TV which is free of “crosstalk”. Crosstalk is the one which responsible of 3D TV user’s bad experience, including flickering and headache.

This glasses can be plug in various 3D sources, including game consoles and 3 dimensional BluRay player.

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