Txtr Beagle: Smallest and Cheapest E-Reader in the World

If you think that Amazon Kindle 6 Inchi tagged $69 is the cheapest E-Reader, hmmm… you got huge mistake. The cheapest E-Reader is Txtr Beagle made by German which is only sold for $13 only! Oh wow!

By such price, don’t imagine that you’ll get low quality E-Reader which would be damaged once you use it. No… According to SOT, this Txtr is quite cool and funny. Just see the commercial video here:


Funny, isn’t it? In addition of small and easy to be brought, it seems comfortable to be used to read Ebook too.

Txtr Beagle: Smallest and Cheapest E-Reader in the World

You’d probably curious why its price can be so cheap. It because, Txtr doesn’t support WiFi or 3G, the memory is also only 4GB non expandable and use 3 AAA battery which will be last for a year by normal usage. But for an E-Reader, according to SOT, Txtr features are enough.

So, for you who love to read Ebook, this is the time for you to praise this device! You can read Ebook easily anywhere you are. But, how can SOT buy it in Indonesia? SOT really want one… >,<


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