Update iOS 5.0.1 Didn’t solve Battery Matter on iPhone 4S

Apple admit that iOS 5.0.1 update which has just been released yesterday is still not able to overcome battery durability problem. This update mentioned by Apple, has just worked in some users. As we know, Apple released iOS 5 update yesterday, as answer for some complaints thrown by users related with spendthrift battery in iOS 5 basis device, especially iPhone 4S. However, as consumer reported through Apple website, it’s still continuous.

Update iOS 5.0.1 Didn’t solve Battery Matter on iPhone 4S

“The latest iOS Update, some of them aimed to fix battery durability happened to consumer who used iOS 5 device. But we’ll still investigate this problem,” that’s Apple statement.

Since last week, iPhone 4S users reported that battery in their handset lost its power quick. Apple technicians were reported to investigate this problem and contact the consumers who received the effect.

Next, Apple quickly launched iOS 5.0.1. This Update fixed iOS 5 vulnerability, including maintenance on crack which caused the battery runs dry quickly.

Other maintenance is, multitasking gesture addition in original iPad, correcting problems in Cloud document and developing sound recognition ability for user located in Australia.

There’s also security repair aimed to two cracks which potential to show private data when visiting ‘evil’ site (via Mashable)


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