Warning: Don’t Ever Click the Link if You Got These Direct Messages on Twitter

If you got these direct messages (DMs) from other members on your twitter account, don’t ever click the link. It’s pointed to a dangerous phishing site that could steal your twitter username and password! There are a lot of twitter users reporting that they have attacked by other twitter members. Be careful if you got these Direct Messages below:

is this you in the video?
is this you in this picture?
check this out… it’s a funny blog post. you’re mentioned in it.

Don’t ever click the link attached on those DMs above. When you click the link, you’ll redirected to a fake twitter login page like this:

Fake Twitter Login Page

But if you take a look closer on it’s URL, it’s not a twitter.com but ltwitteri.com. If you’re careless and insert your twitter username and password, then it would stolen by the hacker.

Fake Twitter Login Page URL

So, be careful if you got a direct messages on twitter. Check where the link pointed first before you decide to click it. If it’s go to fake site or any untrusted site, don’t ever input your username, password or any personal data.

For twitter members who think they have been successfully attacked by those phishing activity, Del Harvey, who runs twitter safety teams has resetting their password. This phishing attack not only happen in twitter. I got the same messages on my facebook account few days ago.

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