Who Else Wants iPad 2 for $69 Only?

Yesterday, iPad 2 16 GB priced only $69 at Sears.com ( normally it retails for $499). Sears also sell iPad 2 32 GB Wi-Fi version for $179 ( normally it retails for $599). Unfortunately, you will never get iPad 2 at those prices. Sears Reseller has made a mistake when posting iPad 2 prices, and they have been canceled all orders then refunded the money.

Here is the iPad 2 listed price at sears yesterday:

Who Else Wants iPad 2 for $69 Only?

Who Else Wants iPad 2 for $69 Only?

If that’s not a mistake, this would be the best deals of iPad 2. It not takes a long time after that mistakes happened, Sears Holdings Corp. post an apologized on their facebook page. Here is Sears’ post on their Facebook page:

Sears apologize post on their facebook page

“Unfortunately, today one of the Marketplace third party sellers told us that they mistakenly posted incorrect pricing on two Apple iPad models on the Marketplace portion of the website. If you purchased either of these products recently, your order has been canceled and your account will be credited. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

There are more than 300 people anger and disappointed with this mistake. They want their order honored. As a huge company, Sears shouldn’t make a mistake than canceled all orders and refunded the money. This mistake is not the first time for sears. Previously, they also made a mistake when posting lower prices for several items like Airzone Trampoline and Gladiator Gearbox.

Paula Knight, A woman from Florida that also ordered iPad 2 on Sears.com spoke to CNN like this:

“They are a huge company I thought I could trust and rely on. But if they don’t honor this, I won’t ever shop at Sears again. I just want my order honored.”

If this is not the first time, then Sears should evaluate their posting review system. I hope there is no more mistake like this in the future. iPad 2 for only $69??? I wonder it is a real :D.

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