Why is Windows More Vulnerable to Virus?

Why is Windows More Vulnerable to Virus?

You surely know that Windows is an operating system which attacked by much more viruses compared with Mac or Linux, but why is it happened? One reason found by SpyOnTech is, Windows is the most popular desktop operating system compared with others. But not just that the reason why Windows is more vulnerable attacked by virus or malware. Here are other reasons concluded by SpyOnTech.



Why is Windows More Vulnerable to Virus?

Windows is a huge hunting target by virus maker since it has huge popularity in computer and laptop’s world. Just like if you create malware which would steal a data, then surely your target would be a Windows user since most of computer users use Windows. You can get credit card or other financial data from those Windows users. It is SpyOnTech’s opinion according to Windows’ history which many of its users attacked by malware.


History of Security in Windows

Why is Windows More Vulnerable to Virus?

In its early development, Windows is not designed for security, while Mac OS X and Linux (UNIX-based) were built to be able running multi-user operating system which made user possible to login with infinite account, while Windows versions never have such facility.

Windows basically built by DOS, single user operating system. Windows 3.1, 95, 98 and Me probably looks cool at that time, but all of them were built with DOS. DOS doesn’t let users to have many accounts, file access rights, or other security limitation.

Windows NT is the core of Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8 creation, which is supported with multi-user operating system which support important security setting, including ability to limit user access rights. Nevertheless, Microsoft never really designs security for Windows until Windows XP SP2. Windows XP supports multi-user account with limited access rights, but most of people login into Windows XP as administrator. Many software aren’t working when access rights of an account is limited, this is the benefit of multi user.

Windows XP was also built with active firewall, so when it is online, it made itself as easy-target for malware, virus or worm.

Besides, Windows XP also has autorun which automate software or application to run directly in computer. Bad thing could happen when you bring USB and plug it into office computer, it made virus started to spread since most of login user became administrator. Virus or malware will be worked directly with admin access rights and it has all access in your computer. Surely it would be very dangerous if you use Windows XP and always online without any firewall and antivirus.


Microsoft started to get serious about security

Why is Windows More Vulnerable to Virus?

Responding a fast growth malware infection, Microsoft started to get serious about Windows XP SP2 security. By stronger firewall and other security features, including security center which remind user to use antivirus. Then in Windows Vista, Microsoft started to create User Account Control feature which pushes all users to limit access rights of an account. Now Windows is started to limit access rights of the account in default. Firewall which directly active and no longer application or software run by autorun. Windows 8 came with antivirus and other security features. This is just some securities Microsoft created to improve safety.

However, there are still so many Windows XP users which are connected with internet. There’s a huge possibility that most of users didn’t install or update their security. It also caused by Windows Genuine Advantage made by Microsoft to avoid piracy when Windows Update. Many people are detected as pirate Windows user although they really bought original Windows. So, users turn off automatic update and let Windows XP they used is vulnerable to malware or virus. The latest Windows version is actually safer than Windows 98 and Windows XP, but Windows is still a cute target.


Download Software or Applications

Why is Windows More Vulnerable to Virus?

If Android provides Google Play Store to let users installing application and Linux provided repository software which also let user choose, search, and install software easily. Android and Linux truly provide trusted application or software. It’s a different story with Windows which let users download from various sources which possibly unsafe.

User can be deceived by Download button which is contained malware or virus. There also many people downloaded pirated application or software which probably attached by virus. But now, Microsoft already started to response this fact. Windows 8 already provides Windows Store which contained applications which can be installed directly.


Those are some reasons why Windows is more vulnerable attacked by virus than other operating system, but that was only SpyOnTech’s opinion, surely there are many other with other thoughts, but now Microsoft started to learn from other operating system by developing secure operating system for its users.

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