Why the Samsung Galaxy SII leaves the iPhone in the Dust

This may be hard for Apple fans to hear (and I’m sure the most frothy will just turn away in disgust), but it’s true – the iPhone isn’t the best handset on the market. Sure, the iPhone 5 is on the way, but until it arrives (and perhaps after – we’ll have to see) the Samsung Galaxy SII rules the roost.

Why the Samsung Galaxy SII leaves the iPhone in the Dust

Even brushing over the obvious issues the iPhone has with telephony basics (reception and call dropping issues), the SII makes strong claims across the board. Of course some will point to the ‘lack of apps’ in the Android Market compared to the Apple App Store, but with Android now past 150,000 apps, surely this argument can now be put to bed for good?

Beneath the bonnet
In terms of power, the numbers are clear. While both smartphones have 16 or 32GB or internal storage, the SII also has a microSD slot for more. The SII has double the RAM (1GB compared to 512MB), as well as a dual-core 1.2GHz Cortez A9 over the iPhone4’s 1GHz A8. There’s a better battery to cope with the extra power too (1650mAh versus 1420mAh).

If you’re neutral in the age old Mac versus PC debate, most would choose a simple PC syncing option (as offered by Android handsets such as the SII) over the often torturous ordeal of dealing with iTunes. Beyond this, both offer a user friendly and efficient set of music and video playback options. The web experience is also a no-brainer, as the SII supports Java.

However while both capacitive touchscreens are superb, the SII once again edges it. 4.3-inch versus 3.5-inch may be a matter of taste, but while the SII’s superAMOLED gorilla glass screen is a little lighter on pixels it looks sharper and brighter. The SII wins the camera battle too, its 8MP offering leaving the iPhone’s 5MP snapper in the shade.

If you haven’t taken a look at the Samsung Galaxy SII yet, do yourself a favour and get one in your hand. I’ll always love my iPod, never leave home without it, but I want a smartphone that is first and foremost a great phone – everything else is a bonus. Right now, there really is only one choice on the market.

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