Why You Should Update Your Firefox Browser to Firefox 6

The latest version of Firefox browser has released on August 16th ago. It comes with several new features and improvement. For users who do not update to Firefox 6 yet, I suggest to update their Firefox browser as soon as possible. There are critical security reasons that should be aware if their Firefox is not updated to Firefox 6.

Why You Should Update Your Firefox Browser to Firefox 6

The previous version of Firefox browser has critical security issues. It has several memory safety bugs in its browser engine. These bugs showed evidence of memory corruption under certain circumstances. Firefox 4, Firefox 5 and other “old” Mozilla-based products could be exploited to run arbitrary code.

There are still other critical vulnerabilities on the previous Firefox browser, such as: unsigned scripts can call script inside signed JAR, string crash using WebGL shaders, heap overflow in ANGLE library, crash in SVGTextElement.getCharNumAtPosition(). These vulnerabilities can be used to run attacker code and install software without user interaction required.

Besides the critical vulnerabilities, there are also some high-impact vulnerabilities, such as: credential leakage using Content Security Policy reports and cross-origin data theft using canvas & Windows D2D.

If users do not update their Firefox browser to Firefox 6, they could attacked with several dangerous attempts. Users can download and install Mozilla Firefox 6 to avoid those critical and high-impact vulnerabilities. If you get an add-on compatibility issue after updating Firefox browser, you can read the previous post about 5 Simple Steps to Make Any Add-on Compatible with Your Firefox browser.

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