Windows 7 Reign in US, Windows XP still Dominate all over the World

Microsoft should be proud! Among the competition of desktop operating system which got tighter between Apple and Microsoft, Microsoft is still the winner! Windows 7 titled as the most popular operating system and the most used operating system in US. Although this calculation involved only US, but it’s a parameter and strong indication that Windows 7 is also dominated as the most popular operating system to be used in the world. Among Apple’s charge, Microsoft still didn’t lose their greatness.

Windows 7 Reign in US, Windows XP still Dominate all over the World

From statCounter calculation, Windows 7 still dominated in US OS Market with percentage to 31.71%, followed by its elder, Windows XP which still sat in the first place with usage percentage 46.87%, followed with Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Although the amount of Windows XP operating system usage dominated by pirated Windows XP, but this still showed that Windows operating system still be an idol for PC user.

But different with Windows XP, most of Windows 7 user are Windows 7 user with original license. Microsoft News Center also confess that one of three windows operating system user used pirated version of Windows. And most of pirated Windows user even didn’t know that the operating system they’ve used is pirated version.

This data was taken from StatCounter which took data according to operating system used by website visitor which used StatCounter as their monitor traffic. Windows winning in global and Windows 7 in united States showed that Microsoft is still the king of operating system. It would be a good capital before Microsoft releases Windows 8 in the market.

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