Windows Phone 8 Appolo will use 720P screen?

Galaxy Nexus which has just introduced today makes new step in screen resolution level of a cell phone with 1280×720 pixels screen resolution or HD 720P. A new rumor said that Windows Phone 8 codename “Appolo” will use ultra-sharp screen with similar resolution.

Windows Phone 8 Appolo will use 720P screen?

This rumor came from trustable Twitter user @MS_nerd which indicated new screen size for Windows Phone. For Windows Phone chassis 2, it will use 320×480 pixels resolution screen, and Chassis 3 will use HD 720p screen. Windows Phone with 480×800 pixels screen is on Chassis 1.5. Chassis is a hardware difference in Windows Phone, where Chassis 2 will be low end device and use physical keyboard and touch screen as the latest BlackBerry. Chassis 2 with Windows Phone ”Tango” will come with LTE 4G.

Chassis 3 is the most promising. Chassis 3 is rumored not to be available before Windows Phone 8 Appolo in 2012 later. Besides, the processor is rumored to use dual core just like upper class Android and iPhone 4S. @MS_nerd also stated that TI OMAP and NVIDIA Tegra processors are targeted for Win9. there’s possibility that it’s a merger indication between desktop version Windows and Windows Phone. If the rumor is true, it would be awesome.

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