Xperia X10 would be upgraded with Android Gingerbread OS

Some mobile vendor started to promise Android Gingebread OS or version 2.3 in their Smartphone product. Now, it’s Sony Ericsson turn to declare that Xperia X10 smartphone would get the Gingerbread OS.

The update specific time hasn’t concluded for certain. The Japan and Sweden joined vendor was only stated the time about in the end of second four-months or in the early of third four-months 2011

Xperia X10 would be upgraded with Android Gingerbread OS

Previously, Sony Ericsson once stated that they wouldn’t do Android update more than version 2.1 or Éclair. But the consumer demand beat them. “We listen to our consumer,” there stated Sony Ericsson spokeperson.

Sony Ericsson remind some risk related with Gingerbread update in X10. Such as facial recognition and smile shutter on camera will be gone, exchanged with standard Android camera interface. Then when the students decide to upgrade to Gingerbread, they were claimed that they couldn’t return it to Android 2.1

X10 itself released last year. This mobile equipped with 4 inches screen and 1 GHz processor. It’s too bad that some other Sony Ericsson handset, including X10 mini, Mini Pro and X8 wouldn’t get update to Gingerbread as reported.

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