10 Amazing WebComics You Shall Read

Now is technology era where all things are digital. Even comic has got evolution into digital comic which commonly called as webcomics. And recently, webcomics got more popular. Where almost all people read it. If you’re a comic fans and you want to read it for free, then this 10 amazing webcomics which would be discussed by SOT this time shall be read!



Actually Ctrl+Alt+Del has already existed since 2002, which in web term usually called as eon. And until now Ctrl+Alt+Del comic is still written and drawn by Tim Buckley with Ethan (a game fanatic) and Lucas (a programmer). But after Hollywood Reboot, epic-style in Ctrl+Alt+Del storyline has gone into funny jokes.


Amazing WebComics You Shall Read


Three Panel Soul

Three Panel Soul is a webcomics under the guidance of Mac Hall. Since comics in book form no longer demanded, then they changed into digital comics named Three Panel Soul. Prominent material discussed from this webcomic is the color, which mostly black and white.


Amazing WebComics You Shall Read


Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade started their debute in 1998 and this webcomic focused in video game and culture in video game playing. With Jerry Holkins as text writer and Mike Krahulik as cartoonist made Penny Arcade into a ‘should-be-read-webcomics’.


Amazing WebComics You Shall Read



HijiNKS is a webcomic written and drawn by Joel Watson. Comic made by Joel Watson has “A Geek Comic” subtitle with short story but equipped with sweet-packaged description, and topic discussed used to connect with pop culture.


Amazing WebComics You Shall Read


The Joy of Tech

The Joy of Tech is a webcomic which focused on technology and most of the story satirize Apple and Microsoft. Liza Schmalcel and Bruce Evans are two personnels behind The Joy of Tech who have responsible of this webcomic.


Amazing WebComics You Shall Read



This one use school subjects as topic (math, science, etc) which is made as joke. Besides, Randall Munroe as the writer sometimes also took topic about pop culture, politic, and other fancy things.


Amazing WebComics You Shall Read


Extra Life

Extra Life is a webcomic which already exists since eleven years ago, which is 2001. It is written and drawn by Scott Johnson who’s also a designer and podcaster, Extra Life told about daily life which packed into attractive short story.


Amazing WebComics You Shall Read


Geek and Poke

Geek and Poke is a webcomic made by Oliver Widder who’s also an IT Expert from German. He’s also a comic artists who has minimalist style, where words and ink used is so minimum. Yes, you’d be confuse reading it, because the words written are too short, hehe…


Amazing WebComics You Shall Read


Dork Tower

Dork Tower is a webcomic which is written and drawn by John Kovalic. Just like another webcomic, Dork Tower is also a short story packed attractively with bright colors. While topic used in this webcomic is a topic around game world.


Amazing WebComics You Shall Read


The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal is a webcomic created in 2009 by Matthew Inman who lives in Washington, US. By taking topic about eclectic, including zombie, horse care and also English Grammar will make it more attractive and worth to be read when you have spare time.


Amazing WebComics You Shall Read


So, if you started to get bored reading comic in printout form (book), then webcomic can be alternative to read comic which would be more practical, and surely free.

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