2 Free Education Games to Improve Your Children Dexterity

Does your child get bored along vacation? You don’t want your child to play in dangerous places? Don’t want your children play too far from home? Give your child a child puzzle game, so that your child would diligently spend his/her time in home. Besides, child puzzle game is a game to improve dexterity, concentration, and intelligence to finish the puzzle.


Here is two online puzzle games your child could play:

1. JigZone


JigZone provides child education game which is online puzzle game, here your child can play puzzle from 6 puzzle pieces to 247 puzzle pieces with different shapes from classic, zigzag, block, polygons, tetris and many more. Besides, this game also provides more than 1000 puzzle pictures. JigZone also provide time to measure how fast your child will finish the puzzle.


Play puzzle game in JigZone by visiting this link:



2. Jigsaw Planet


Different with JigZone, Jigsaw Planet is more difficult to be played. Your child could not decide how many puzzle pieces from picture they wanted. But there’s Ghost feature which is able to help your child to build his/her puzzle. Your child can also share the result of your puzzle to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and many more. Your child can also make his/her own puzzle by clicking on Create button.


Play puzzle game in Jigsaw Planet by visiting this link:


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