2 Free Game to Improve Children

Children should be trained their intelligence and creativity started from early phase, so children could have potential in the near future. There are many ways to make children able to develop their intelligence and sharpness of thinking, one of them by guide them to enter into game world to train children’s brain. SOT will share two games which are able to make children thinking creative, imaginative, and selective in taking a step. Here are two games to train children’s agility and intelligence according to SOT version:

Numpty Physics

2 Free Game to Improve Children

This Game is an open source game which can be edited by anyone and can also be published all over the world. Numpty Physics is able to run in Sony PSP, Windows Mobile, OpenSolaris, MacOS, Debian, Windows, Ubuntu and still many more OS. With attractive appearance based on funny and unique crayon picture, this game is really interesting to be made as children learning method. By 35 levels inside, it is sought so that children able to finish at least 20 level or just 80%, it will make children more creative and imaginative. You can also add levels by download the next level in its official site, even you can create the level yourself.

Tips: You can press Esc button to remove object one by one.

2 Free Game to Improve Children

Download Numpty Physics


Download Extra Level



Crayon Physics

2 Free Game to Improve Children

Not far different with Numpty Physics game, Crayon Physics game also presented funny and attractive game with crayon theme. Your child should draw something to move ball into the animals. If your child is succeed, it would be continued into the next level. So, the point of this game is, training children’s intelligence and sharpness of thought in solving a matter.

Here is demo video from Crayon Physics:

Download Crayon Physics:


2 Free Game to Improve Children

By games above, you’re expected to applied learning by playing method, so children wouldn’t get bored because common learning method already boring and make children have no interest to learn. You can also read article about 2 Web Application to Learn Coloring and Writing for Children, 2 Free Education Games to Improve Children’s Agility or Do you Want Children Become Smart in Geography Subject? Play this Game!


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