2 Web Applications To Learn Coloring And Writing for Children

Do you like to draw? Or your children love to color a picture? Or you a kindergarten teacher who want to search for a picture to be colored? You’d probably need these two applications I will share:

1. Twisty Noodle

Twisty Noodle

Twisty Noodle is a web application designed for your children, equipped with picture which can be colored and also unfinished picture. It would be easy to use this application. You would just have to print the picture which is demanded by your children. By Twisty Noodle, you can also teach your child to write and use English :). If you want your child to make coloring, you will just have to enter the Coloring pages menu. But if your children want to learn writing, you will just have to enter Worksheets menu
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2. Kidopo


Kidopo is a web applications for children which displayed professionally. Here, you’ll find a fun things for your children, such as game, picture to be colored, cartoon video, handcraft, etc. to color a picture, you can enter to Coloring Pages menu. Here, your child can color object directly with various choices, such as coloring with bucket, color pencils, crayon, and still many more. To manage coloring size, you’ll just have to slide Tip Size. You can also save and print it.
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Does your child happy with both web applications above? If using Twisty, you will have to print a picture to color, not for Kidopo, your child can color directly with Kidopo. But Kidopo doesn’t provide application to learn writing. Perhaps by the existence of these web applications, your children can develop their art talent inside them :) By these web applications, indirectly you’ll train your children’s right brains.

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