25Trends: Easiest Way to Find Gossip Material from Twitter… Ehh?!

Previously I once reviewed Tweets Between. Web Application which made us possible to monitor the latest conversation of two Twitter accounts. Now, still related with Twitter, I offered a web application which made you possible to find out what have been talked by many people, also what people felt related with certain topics with different mood analysis percentage, they are positive, negative and neutral. I’m pretty sure you’ll ask: “What’s this kind of web application benefit for our life?”


Well, actually I was tempted to say that the benefit is: giving us a gossip material… However, to save my self-image, I will state something sounded scientific and bombastic. By this application, we can improve our knowledge about social tendency, knowing popular places, popular figures, products, and many more. Its surely will be useful for our social life… Hmmm, kinda cool, isn’t it?

Sounds like you started to nod your head and trying to find self-justification that not gossip – what you’re looking from this web application. OK, Let’s headed to:


In order to start, you just have to type twitter #tag or @mention, or simply write any word which probably spoken by people.


Here, I tried to type “Bali”. You can see yourself what are popular things related with Bali word. 25Trends instantly will display result for Trending Topics, Top Links and Top Tweets. Trending topic is served according to three different moods. For example, blue box, showed neutral mood, red showed negative mood, while green would show positive mood.


You can click on one of the topic box displayed to see mood percentage and also find possibility whether you find something interesting. Probably your gossip instinct lead you to certain Tweet?…


You can also watch top link and top tweet by just scrolling down. Now, you’re the one who analyze each topic and theme. Whether they have suited what you’re looking for?


Alright, feel free to find some gossip material… Ouch… I mean, looking for knowledge about popular themes, figures, and events to improve your social life.

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