3 Online Application to Help You Having a Healthy Diet

Watching Olympic 2012, the performance of cool athletes with good and beautiful body made SOT envied them. If you want to have a beautiful and good body just like world athletes who fight in Olympic 2012, SOT has the answer. Some online application will help you to diet and form your body into a beautiful and good body. Here is list of application which is able to help you having diet with healthy way according to SpyOnTech version:



3 Online Application to Help You Having a Healthy Diet

SlimKicker is an online service and social networks which would help you in calculating calories, nutrition and also motivate yourself to reduce your weight. In order to use SlimKicker, you’ll just have to register. After that, you will be able to enjoy features like: challenge to reduce weight from friends, food calorie calculation, forum, and also group you’ve chosen.

Complete features from SlimKicker:

  • SlimKicker will help you when you’re in fitness process and it would be able to control your food nutrition to reach your purpose.
  • Insert your foods and also training you run to get point
  • If you join for fitness and nutrition challenge and win, you can get Zappos gift card valued $100.
  • There’s also diet food recipe you can use.

You can also get SlimKicker application for free if you have iPhone, which you can get in iTunes:


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3 Online Application to Help You Having a Healthy Diet

MyPlate is an application from a health site, which is LiveStrong. MyPlate will help you to overcome how much calorie you shall burn each day, how the application work is by using data you inserted, such as weight, height, age, weight you should decrease per week, and also how many activities you did. This application will also help you to have a diet without paying a single penny.

Complete feature from MyPlate:

  • If you register and login inside it, then you’ll get your daily food intake
  • Viewing graphic, diagram, and also animation which would help you in tracking your diet activities, and also water intake you should drink each day.
  • You can also create schedule with your friends to do sports together.

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Other thing you can get from MyPlate is from its main site, which is LiveStrong. LiveStrong provided many tips about how to live healthily.


Lose It!

3 Online Application to Help You Having a Healthy Diet

Lose It! is an online service which would be able to help you reducing your weight according to trustable healthy expert. Lose It! Has been existed since 2008 which was launched for iPhone application. But now, Android user can also download it. You’ll just have to register yourself, then insert your weight, after that, Lose It! Will calculate calorie budget you should reach if you want to have a diet.

Complete feature from Lose It!:

  • It’s able to track nutrition you have by your daily calorie intake calculation and also sports you’ve done.
  • You can also add some foood and sport you wanted in your account.
  • Do you want to find out report from your diet? Lose It! Can give the answer!

Visit Lose It! And get its Android or iOS applications:



SOT expected, by some applications above, you can get healthy life pattern and food in addition of having diet.

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