5 Fastest Ways to Send File which People Are Rare to Know

Do you often send file to your friend in anther country? It surely would be bother you if you use email to share files, since commonly, to upload such huge file in email, need a long time. Sending file via email is an old fashioned way which you shouldn’t use it anymore :D.

Now sending file or sharing file with friend would be much more easier using online file sharing service such as Dropbox, JustBeamIt, 4Shared and there are still many more other online services. Now SOT will share information about fast and free online file sharing service. Here are five fastest ways to Send File with Online Service which people are rare to know.




Ge.tt is one of the fastest ways to send file or sharing file with your friends. By this online service, you can send file fast, just by drag and drop file you wanted. Ge.tt has simple interface and also easy to be understood. If you don’t register in Ge.tt, then your file will be last for 30 days and it won’t be erased by Ge.tt. However, if you register in Ge.tt then your file would be last forever there.

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Droplr, according to PG is the best online service for file sharing, just like Ge.tt, it has simple interface. Drag n Drop file you wanted to share in a box in Droplr then you’ll get link you can share to your friends. Droplr also provides installation software you can install in Mac, Windows, and iPhone. The maximum size of file you can upload in Droplr is 25MB. File you’ve uploaded won’t be erased for seven days, but if you have registered, then your file will stay there still.

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It seems like, most of file sharing has simple interface. After Droplr and Ge.tt, Pastelink also has simple interface. By drag and drop feature, you can send file to your friend. Pastelink is able to store your file for 250MB, but if you have account in Pastelink then you can store 2GB size file.

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This file sharing service seems different with the other three file sharing above. Dropcanvas appeared with elegant and cool interface. To send file to your friend is so easy, you just have to drag and drop file you wanted to share, then send the link contained your file. The maximum file size can be stored by Dropcanvas is 5GB.

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Different with four other online file sharing service above, Snaggy is an online file sharing service which seemed specifically made to share photo or image. With new method to share the file, Snaggy is so unique. You don’t need to drag and drop again. You just have to copy and paste, or using keyboard shortcut to copy and paste, then you can send file in form of photo or image. Not just that, you can also edit image or photo you’ve uploaded directly in Snaggy.

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By those five ways above, you can send file or share file with your friend who’s located in the world’s ended fast and easy, but you can also try other service such as Minus, ADrive, or MiMedia.

Travis Brice is a computer technician and also father of two cute children. After 6 years of hard work at telecommunication company, he decides to quit his job and build his own business. Now he also writes for Spyontech on his spare time. He loves to write about operating system, especially Microsoft Windows.

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