5 Free Tools to make Comic Easily

Picture above is an example of comic I made by using RageMaker software. Cool, isn’t it^^ ??? Time I need to create the simple comic is only five minutes. You don’t believe? Me too! I thought creating short comic. In this article, I’ll show you five of them. Curious?

Short comic with emotional faces and expression above used to called as Rage. Nowadays, Rage comic is so popular as joke, satire, etc. In addition of Rage comic, there’s also some other short comics. Here is free tools you can use to make comic easily.

1. RageMaker

RageMaker is tools I used to create Rage comic above. This tools consisted of two version, online and software versions. By RageMaker, you can choose various characters with different expressions. There’s also tools to add text, picture, etc. One thing I love from RageMaker is its ability to insert our own picture, whether it is uploaded from computer or directly downloaded from Internet.

Here is interface from RageMaker software

RageMaker software

Do you want to create Rage comic by RageMaker? Feel free to use one method you wanted.

RageMaker Online Tools
Download RageMaker Software

If you choose to download RageMaker software, you should download RageMaker Program and RageMaker Image Pack. Install RageMaker Program first, and then install RageMaker Image Pack. RageMaker Image Pack is contained all Rage picture collections which are ready to be used.

2. Rage Builder

Still in context of tools to create Rage comic, Rage Builder can be good alternative beside RageMaker. But this Rage Builder is only available online and has ‘poorer’ features than RageMaker. Let’s see the interface of Rage Builder..
You can use Rage Builder for free

Rage Builder

Rage Builder Tools

3. Bitstrips

Strip comic is a bit different with Rage. If Rage is identical with various expressional characters, not with strip comic. Strip comic is suitable to tell a thing just like comic we used to know. Bitstrip is free tool we can use to make Strip Comic. This Bitstrip is equipped with various characters, background and colorful properties. All characters can be managed its body position, arm, leg, to its facial expression.


Bitstrip can only be used online here.

Bitstrip Tool

4. Strip Generator

Comic made by Strip Generator is almost similar with Rage comic. It’s very simple and has black and white color. Its characters are also lack expression and incontrollable. Comic which made by this tools is suitable for joke or humor.

Strip Generator

Strip Generator

5. Pixton

This is the last tools but I consider as the best tools. It is equipped with various colorful characters. You can make various high-quality comic. All characters can be arranged its arm position, leg, body, to facial expression. Pixton has the most flexible control compared with the four tools above. Pixton also gave Pixton+ option to enjoy all of its premium features.



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