5 Online Service to Create Notes

Does your job make you connect with computer and internet always? For example web designer, journalist or site writer? They need cool idea and something new to impressed customers. To note those ideas, sometimes we got confused since there’s no paper or dry ink. If we don’t note it immediately, the shiny idea probably will disappear!

Online Service to Create Notes

For you whose work related with ideas, moreover if you experience such trivial problem like paper and pen SOT mentioned above, SOT will share some applications which are able to help you note idea or thought you find. Application which don’t need installation process and it can be opened anywhere. Here’s five online application to create note.



Online Service to Create Notes

If you doesn’t only want to note an idea, but also discuss it, you can use TypeWith.Me. By using this online application, you can record it while discussed it with your workmate using chat feature. You just have to share this note URL link to your friends who has discussion with you. All of your friends could fill their name in chatroom. So, you won’t be confused talking to whom. If someone edit his/her note, the edit result can be seen in real time without needing to refresh the page. Do you have interest to use it?

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Online Service to Create Notes

If using TypeWith.Me less secure according to you since everyone could create an edit but you cannot see the person who did editing, it will make your idea mess a bit. If you just want to ask other person’s opinion, you can use PiratePad. This online application has almost similar features with TypeWith.me but there’s only a feature which you can only see your note and you cannot edit it. You can use Read-only version feature to do this, by sharing the link to your friends. So your idea will be secure and there won’t be edited. When you firstly visit this application, just click the frog image!

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Online Service to Create Notes

If you only want to create a note but no one should find out about it, just use Scribble. By this application, you can create as many as note you wanted. Moreover, there is no share link, so your note would be secure. Moreover, if you have account in Scribble, you can open all notes in any browser. The point is, this application is more individualist. This Scribble also able to store all typing you put inside it, because there’s Auto Save feature. Watching note will be also easier by using drag n drop.

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Online Service to Create Notes

If you don’t want to be messed up and really want to record immediately ide you found? Use Wrttn.Me! by using this application, you can create note and share it to your friends without anyone able to edit it. Only you’re the one who’s able to edit it.

Visit Wrttn.Me



Online Service to Create Notes

Do you want to keep your note secure, but it can be opened by certain people you trusted? What about using WePaste online application. By using this application, you can create online note which can be lost by itself after a few day you decided, giving password to note and the last feature is storing and sending note to email.

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Bonus: Tny Pastebin

Online Service to Create Notes

You’d probably familiar with online application named Tny Pastebin!. Previously, this Tny Pastebin was popular as TinyPaste. By using Tny Pastebin you can create secret note, because your note can be protected using password. If your note URL and password doesn’t leak to anyone else, then your note will be secure.

Visit Tny Pastebin


Now you don’t have to confuse about paper and pen, you can fast and secure by writing your idea or thought in some online services which you can choose.

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