5 Web Services To Find Out Access Speed From A Site

Success with a managed site is become expectation for bloggers. However, to reach that kind of satisfaction, surely it couldn’t be received instantly. What to be paid attention as a blogger is maintain quality content and easy design to navigate all menus. So, you can invite large amount of visitors and made them love to stay long in your site. Besides, other important aspect to make a site get a good grade from Google is, making the site load easier. Probably it is the main reason for visitor leaving your site. There are many method you can use to check speed of a speed when it is accessed, just like what SOT going to discuss here by using 5 online services.

5 Web Services To Find Out Access Speed From A Site


1. Pingdom Tools

5 Web Services To Find Out Access Speed From A Site

Pingdom Tools is the best online service available to check speed or load of a site. When started to test by inserting your site address, full test page will help you quickly analyzed and get the detail result provided in graphic form. Just like page capacity when opening file, image, HTML, Java Script, CSS, Flash, document, plugin, history, DNS, and many more. You can also analyze from various location such as Amsterdam – Netherlands, Dallas, Texas, and New York.

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2. Web Page Test

5 Web Services To Find Out Access Speed From A Site

By Web Page Test free service, you can test the site speed from various different location all over the world in real time by using Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Canary browsers. After inserting URL site, Web Page Test will display detail speed information, time, request, size, and pie diagram of image usage, HTML, CSS, Java Script, etc. Other feature makes you possible to display complete data of accessed site using cell phone.

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3. Web Page Analyzer

5 Web Services To Find Out Access Speed From A Site

Web Page Analyzer makes you possible to analyze a site you want to test by putting URL and code character in form provided. Web Page Analyzer will quickly display information related with latest information such as statistic, page size, download time, and object composition, they are all displayed in a table. Script will count the size of every element and summarize all kind of components located on the site. Not just that. Here you’ll get suggestion about how to improve time when the site is accessed.

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4. Octa Gate Site Timer

5 Web Services To Find Out Access Speed From A Site

Octa Gate Site Timer can be used to monitor how much time needed for visitor to access full page of a site included content inside it in form of image, script, frames, iframe, etc. All those information are provided in table diagram. Octa Gate Site Timer also give reason and how to optimize your site if it has slow speed.

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5. Site Perf

5 Web Services To Find Out Access Speed From A Site

Site Perf can be used to get accurate data estimation, realistic, and help you to analyze the site access speed. Putting URL and deciding location from all over countries you wanted, in detail, Site Perf will show result related with download time, connection, total document, site header size, CSS, HTML, image and script. Limitation of Site Perf is, it doesn’t support cookies (security reason), using HTTP not HTTPS, and there’s no Java Script support.

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Those are five free online service according to SOT version which you can use to test and analyzing speed from a site. It is very useful for you who also have personal site and want to satisfy your visitors by giving quick access in your site. I wish it would be useful :D


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