7 Online File Scanners with Multiple Antivirus Engines You Ought to Know

There are a lot of antivirus software with various features and technology. Checking a file with multiple antivirus engines could be the best way to get the most accurate result. Although we can’t install all of them on our computer, it doesn’t mean we can’t check a file using multiple antivirus engines. There are several file scanners that allow you to check any file you want using multiple antivirus engines. Today I’m going to list 7 of them!

1. Virus Total

Virus Total

Virus Total is the most popular multiple engines file scanner. It uses 40 antivirus engines to scan your uploaded file. You can upload file up to 20 Mb in size. Click here to use Virus Total file scanner.

2. VirSCAN


VirSCAN file scanner uses 37 antivirus engines and limit your uploaded file up to 20Mb per file. This is the second best choice after Virus Total file scanner. Click here to use VirSCAN file scanner.

3. Jotti’s Malware Scan

Jotti’s Malware Scan

Jotti’s Malware Scan also a popular online file scanner. It uses 20 popular antivirus engines to check your file. You can upload up to 10Mb file size. Click here to use Jotti’s Malware Scan.

4. VirusChief


VirusChief uses 13 antivirus engines to scan your uploaded file. It’s limit your file up to 10 Mb in size. Click here to use VirusChief file scanner.

5. Filterbit


Filterbit uses 10 antivirus engines and you can scan file up to 20 Mb in size. This online scanner less popular than VirusChief or Jotti’s Malware Scan, but it is useful to scan big file size. Click here to use Filterbit.

6. VScan by NoVirusThanks

VScan by NoVirusThanks

VScan allow you to scan 20Mb file using 24 antivirus engines. Click here to use VScan by NoVirusThanks.

7. Garyshood Virus Scanner

Garyshood Virus Scanner

Garyshood uses only 5 popular antivirus engines such as F-Prot, AntiVir, BitDefender, AVG and also ClamAV. You can scan up to 10Mb file. Click here to use Garyshood Virus Scanner.

Those online file scanners above are free to use. It can help you to check your file with multiple antivirus engines without need to installing them on your own computer. Previously, I’ve also posted about IsThisFileSafe service. IsThisFileSafe scanner similar with those 7 online file scanners, but it doesn’t use multiple antivirus engines. IsThisFileSafe only uses its own databases based on a rating system.

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  • really thanks mate :)!using the first awesome site!

  • FYI that Filterbit (#5) has been replaced by Metascan Online (http://www.metascan-online.com), and now has many additional engines, and update UI and enhanced scanning performance. Files up to 40mb are now accepted as well.

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