A Quick Way to Check Computer Files’ Safeness Without Upload Anything

There are thousands of files inside our computer, and sometimes we don’t know whether they are safe or not. Emsi Software has just released an online file scanner service to help you check your computer files’ safeness. It contain thousands of file names complete with their ratings. They named their service as “IsThisFileSafe”.

A Quick Way to Check Computer Files’ Safeness Without Upload Anything

IsThisFileSafe is free service from Emsi Software to help you to know whether your file is safe or not. You can simply type your file name, company, product, description, MD5 or SHA-1, then you will get the details of your file, including the file name, company name, product name and also file’s safeness status. You don’t need to upload your files because IsThisFileSafe only checking its databases and provide you with the file details.

Whenever you find a file on your computer and you don’t know what is that file and how safe that file, simply go to IsThisFileSafe and browse your file. You will get the result whether it is safe to use or not. There is only one weakness of this service: there are a lot of files were not rated yet. But since it‘s still a new released service, I understand with it. I’m sure IsThusFileSafe database will be growing as more and more users.

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The most recommended way to make your computer’s security on a top knotch condition is by using antivirus software.


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