4 Best Applications to Create Infographic

Innovation, started from huge telephone into smartphone has passed a truly long process. Just like the invention of pictures in caves, and then alphabet, human now still try to get better communication. Communicating right now can be done via various media, through phone, social network, and can be done also with infographic.

Infographic?? You’d probably questioned about infographic. Infographic is a data information or knowledge delivered in graphic. The graphic displayed would seem complicated in a glance. However, if you see them thoroughly, the graphic would be easier to be understood. The example are map, journalism, traffic, and many more.

Here is, SOT will share four best online application to create Infographic. Surely it will help you to create Infographic easier.



Best Applications to Create Infographic

The first online service you can select to create Infographic is Easelly. Easelly can help you creating Infographic just by drag n drop upon the canvas. Besides, you can also use people templates. There are objects, shapes, texts, and images you can drag and drop. For images, you can upload by yourself. But you have to login first to be able to enjoy full service from Easelly.

Visit Easelly:



Best Applications to Create Infographic

Next is Infogram. Infogram has simpler facility to create Infographic. You can add diagram, map, text, photo and video. But you cannot manage all of them as you wanted. Just like when you add some texts. When you add text, you cannot manage the size and style of text you wrote. However, for diagram, infogram is one step in front.

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Best Applications to Create Infographic

Third, you can try to visit Visually, it is quite difficult to create Infographic by using this. However, there are so many Infographic types here. One of them what SOT used recently. SOT tried to compare SOT followers with our writers.

Visit Visually:



Best Applications to Create Infographic

Lastly, you can create Infographic, especially biography by using Dipity. Dipity provides service to create Infographic based on time. You can add event, title, date, description, image, link, location and video. Not just that, you can also add data via Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, Pandora, Last.fm, Friendfeed, Yelp, Digg or other RSS.

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Okay, those are some online apps you can use for free to create Infographic. The average online service above has policy to make you register first for using it. SOT expect this article would be useful for you. If you found another application, please leave comment in the column below.

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