Blinklist: Share Bookmark List and Store it as Web Offline

If previously SOT has discussed about Pocket application you can use to store article or web and you can watch again even in offline condition, this time SOT will discuss about web which is able to combine Pocket and Springpad feature. Springpad is an application you can use to share web or article you love with your friends.

So, this Blinklist is a web you can use to create bookmark list and also store offline webpages. This Blinklist makes you possible to store URL in your list and you can also share it to your friends.

Blinklist : Share Bookmark List and Store it as Web Offline

You can open this Blinklist to PC or cell phone, wherever you are as long as you connected with internet or WiFi. Unfortunately, for you who use Android or iPhone, you cannot get it in application form, so you have to open it manually via mobile browser in your cell phone.

It’s easy to use this web, you just have to login. If you used to store web page, so your web page will be stored in a bookmark at your Blinklist account.

However, this Blinklist is not only saving a webpage or article you love in its account, but you can also store it in your computer. So, you can read article or open offline webpages you’ve stored without connected to internet first.

By using this Blinklist, you can create your own bookmark list, and if you want to, you can share your bookmark list with other Blinklist account users. It’s quite simple and practical, isn’t it? To try it, you’d just have to browse and login in this Blinklist site.

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