Controlling All Social Network Account by Hootsuite!!

SOT once think, login so many social network account must be so troublesome. Moreover, watching one by one those social network account SOT has. Moving from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or Linkedin would be confusing. But now, SOT is no longer confuse, since SOT has found the solution.

Hootsuite is an online social media dashboard which is suitable for you who have so many social network account just like SOT does, but too lazy to open them one by one.

Controlling all Social Network Account by Hootsuite!!

By this Hootsuite, you can monitor, post, watching statistic data from your various social network accounts, such as Twitter, Facebok, LinkedIn or Foursquare. It can be said this Hootsuite is an all in one social media dashboard, where you can connect and combine to five social network into one. This Hootsuite also offered other feature such as consolidated RSS feeds and schedule from all your message. Besides, this Hootsuite also has analysis result from various social network account you have.

This Hootsuite is quite flexible, you can use it in your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, or iPad. And you can use it anytime anywhere. Hootsuite also supported OpenID, so you can login only by one account existed. Hootsuite is also available for Google Chrome extension. So, for you who used Google Chrome browser, you can also enjoy Hootsuite. But for you, Firefox user, don’t be disappointed, because there’s also an add-ons provided for you.

Controlling all Social Network Account by Hootsuite!!

Download Hootsuite for Google Chrome and Firefox

Or visit Hootsuite here

So, don’t be dizzy if you have so many social network account, and you want to monitor it at the same time. You just have to login hootsuite and all would be easier.

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