Could This Game be Played in Our PC? Let’s test it Using “Can You Run It”

A gamer sometimes lose control, they can jump into the nearest game rental and rent attractive CD / DVD Game without checking the game’s compatibility with PC or laptop spec (Gamers, testimonial please!…)

To help whether certain game is able or no to play in our PC or laptop, SOT offers solution, which is by asking to Can You Run It.

This is a web application which would be able to check whether your computer hardware and also configuration system to asses able or no your system running certain game. How to use it is quite practical. Visit its homepage, take the game you want to check out, and click on Can You Run It button. This site obliged Java to be installed in your PC or laptop to run the test and give the result.

Interface from Can You Run It is quite simple. You’ll just have to insert game title you want to check, then click on Run. Then this web application will quickly serve the test result, whether your PC or laptop is conformed or not to run the game you wanted.

Could This Game be Played in Our PC? Let’s test it Using “Can You Run It”

Can You Run It will check your system immediately. To do that, you’ll just have to install the latest Java application.

Could This Game be Played in Our PC? Let’s test it Using “Can You Run It”

From Can You Run It analysis, SOT’s PC SOT is fulfilling requirements to play the game SOT wanted to install, which is 18 wheel. For your information, that’s a game where you played role as truck driver who took stuff all over America with simulation model. This game is so addictive. I warn you!

Could This Game be Played in Our PC? Let’s test it Using “Can You Run It”

Main feature from this Can You Run It are:

  • There are more than 400 popular games option. New game is added regularly.
  • You’ll get recommendation to do upgrade, depend on which game you played
  • It is suitable for: Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Media Center, and Vista.
  • Supports browser: Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • You don’t need to do registration
  • CanYouRunIt will evaluate your hardware and software and it’s not collecting personal information.

You can access Can You Run It in:

If you’re a gamer who love to install games, finish it, then search for a new game to be finished, then you need to use this web application. According to SOT’s experience, rent a CD Game would need about $0.5 on DVD. Moreover if you want to purchase it. So, it would be better to check before you buy it. It’s a pity if the game you rent or play is not consultant for your PC or laptop.

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