Create and Access Your Note Wherever and Whenever You Are with Evernote!

For you who love to take a note about idea, schedule or anything you wanted, now you can note and access your note whenever and wherever you are using free service from evernote! Maybe you just to shy when finding the idea
You might find idea when in a place, want to save some picture and note while taking vacation, or just wrote some schedule to manage your work time, evernote provides free note for free for you.

Create Note with Evernote

Evernote is a note storage online service aimed to give chance for you to note all moment, idea, inspiration, experience or anything you wanted easily. Whenever and wherever you are, you can make, edit, and access your note in Evernote easily.

What’s the advantage using evernote?

1. You can take note all moment, idea, inspiration, experience or anything you wanted whenever and wherever you are through various mobile devices supported such as iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Android, iPad, Palm Pre, Windows Mobile. You can also make note through windows computer or Mac. Even you can access evernote directly through web browser.
2. you can store picture, photo, PDF file, audio file and other files.
3. You can find your note easily. Evernote even can find text in your picture.
4. Your note would be synchronize to all platform and device supported by evernote.
5. Your Note will be protected with SSL encryption guaranteed your note security.
6. with evernote, you’ll never forget important moment you found whenever and wherever you are. You can note everything and your note would be saved in evernote server securely. The Note can be accessed anytime and anywhere you are, as long as internet access existed and device also platform supported by Evernote.

For you who have interest to use evernote service, you can get it for free by this steps:

1. Register to Evernote for free here:


2. Fill in form provided completely and click on “Register”

Register at Evernote for Free

3. Login to your email and click on confirmation link

Click Confirmation link on your email

4. Please login to your Evernote account

5. First time login, in default you’ll get your first note titled “Welcome to Evernote”. In the note, you can download evernote application whether for computer (Windows, Mac), for web browser, or your device portable (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Blackberry, palm pre, and windows mobile). install application you needed.

Download and Install Evernote Apps and Software

6. You can start to take note in your evernote account. You can access your evernote account whether through application in your computer, application in your portable device, or directly trough evernote web

After registered in evernote, you can use the evernote service for free. Evernote also gave premium feature with cost $5 per month for you who want more than you get for free. The difference between free feature and premium feature of evernote can be found here:

Which evernote version fit for you?

Do you use free version or premium, it depends on your need. For me, free feature from evernote has fulfilled my needs to note idea, schedule, moment, inspiration, and experience I want to write, so free version enough for me. But for you who want more advantages such as access to note history, larger monthly upload capacity, and support from Evernote, you can use premium feature from evernote. I hope this information would be worth:)

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