Croppola: Smart Web Apps which is able to crop Image According to Dominant Object

Recently, there are so many facilities for people with photography hobby to share their artwork in social way, such as instagram, and others. A good photographer not only know about how to take the right moment via camera lens, but also know how to focus on the right part. But if Rule of third in photography which ordered you to posit object in one third part of the picture so it can be nicely viewed is still confusing for you, now we have Croppola, a free web application which is able to crop picture according to dominant object. This web application use A.I algorithm to analyze content of each image and give suggestion for ideal crop. This web application is able to detect face and other dominant object to be cropped.

If you’re interesting, feel free to visit Croppola web application in:


It’s so easy to use Croppola. First of all, you just have to set as you wanted in “Select Aspect Ratio” button right on the middle of the page, then click on “Select Files to Upload” to insert image.


This application makes you possible to insert and manage some pictures at once. To get output, you can manage aspect ratio setting from the picture as you wanted (you can select standard photo sized 4:3 and 3:2, movie with size 16:9 and 2.35:1, and even ultra wide 2.67:1 for Facebook Timeline photo), and you will just have let Croppola work.


This application will start to detect dominant part in each photo and give suggestion for aspect ratio you need to choose. You can set crop result once more if you less satisfied by dragging the marked part.


If you’ve already finished, all your photos can be downloaded as ZIP file.
Croppola is not just unique and easy to be used. This web application is also free and need no account to be accessed. From experiment I’ve done, the procedure is so quick and made you possible to work on many photos at once.

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