Dropbox Now Developed Referral Bonus to 500 MB per Referral!

For you who still thirst about storage addition from Dropbox, there’s a great news from this storage company. Dropbox now increased their refrerral bonus from 250 MB into 500 MB per referral! By referral’s maximum quota to 32 people, it means you can get to 16 GB for free. Plus 2 GB when you do registration, you can get total 18 GB storage dropbox for free. Wow!


For you who haven’t had any Dropbox account, you can register here for free. For registration guidance, you can read it here. After you register, your dropbox account will automatically contain 2 GB storage for free. Now is the time to add storage room to 18 GB.

1. Login to your dropbox account

2. Click on “Get Free Space” link located in the upright corner.


3. Copy link on the below part of that page, then spread it to your friends.


4. Each time your friend register from the link, you’ll get additional 500 MB.

Be creative when spreading the referral dropbox link. You can spread it through Twitter, Facebook, Blog or anything which is able to attract referral.

To see the amount of referral you successfully got, just open this page’s referral status.


The maximum referral you can get from Dropbox is 32 people or 16 GB per account. It’s not bad, isn’t it? ;D

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