Dropbox Public Folder Feature would be Non-Activated in the Next August. Any Solution?

SOT was surprised when receiving news that Public Folder feature in Dropbox would be non-activated next month. In the contrary, because of that feature, Dropbox become one of the most favorite SOT’s Cloud Storage service between dozens of similar services.

Public Folder makes possible for Dropbox user to share file fast and easy. You just have to put various file which you will share to the folder, and people can download it directly from there.


The feature non-activating plan is really questioned by many users. There are various reasons predicted which made Dropbox should turn Public Folder feature off.

  • Dropbox want to save space, because public folder file can be downloaded by people and uploaded again to be shared. It surely created many duplicate files in their server.
  • Dropbox want to save bandwidth, because many users use it to share file in forum, site, blog, etc.
  • Dropbox want to focus on “Average user”, because most of users who paid their service not really used the feature. Only advance users who used it.
  • Dropbox want to close chance for free user who opened multi account just to passed limit sharing in Public Folder

The point is, they want to save cost so that their business could continue without raising the price.

Then, what’s the solution for us to enjoy the goodness of “Public Folder” feature?

1. Register in Dropbox before July 31st 2012

For SOT’s reader who has not any Dropbox account, go quickly to register before July 31st 2012. it because Public Folder feature would be still available in account which has already active and will only be eliminated for new account which made after July 31st 2012

2. Use alternative cloud service which provided the same feature.

SugarSync, Google Drive, and Box are three alternatives for Dropbox who has the same feature with Public Folder. You can turn to their service if you want to.

Now you don’t have to worry anymore, even if Dropbox feature has been circumcised. Keep sharing! :D

Travis Brice is a computer technician and also father of two cute children. After 6 years of hard work at telecommunication company, he decides to quit his job and build his own business. Now he also writes for Spyontech on his spare time. He loves to write about operating system, especially Microsoft Windows.

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