Fastest Way to Create Your Own QR Code

Have you ever seen a strange image in internet sign. The form is like a bunch of irregular small squares, with black and white color, or have you ever heard about QR Code? Yup. You’re right. The strange image in form of small and big box with black and white color are known as QR Code or Quick Response Code.

QR Code is a matrix code or two dimensional bar code developed by Denso Wave, a Denso Corporation division which is a Japanese company and published in 1994 with their main functionality, which is to be recognized by scanner.

QR Code is made to deliver information fast and also received fast response. Different with Bar Code which only stored information in horizontal way, QR Code is able to store information in horizontal and vertical way. That’s why automatically QR Code is able to store more information than Barcode.

This time SOT will give you tips about how to create your own QR Code fast and easy. Visit the link below.

After you enter the site, you’ll get display as below:

Fastest Way to Create Your Own QR Code

1. As you seen in the image (1) this time SOT will try creating QR Code contained URL. After you inserted URL, the QR code on the right will change and generate it into your QR Code.

2. This is a button where you can change the size of QR Code image as you like.

3. This is an option which made you possible to get your generated QR Code in form of HTML code to be embedded in your Website page or other Online needs.

4. This is an option to download your own QR Code into file with *.PNG extension.

One example of QR Code can be seen below. Curious? Take your smartphone and try to scan QR Code contained URL below.

Fastest Way to Create Your Own QR Code

It’s easy to create your own QR Code, isn’t it? For you who have product, website or blog, you can try by creating your own QR Code. Happy creating!

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