Find Your Friend’s Facebook Photos Using Bing Friends Photos!

I don’t know what cooperation held between Microsoft and Facebook, but Microsoft via their flagship search engine: Bing, created a facility which will spoil all of you (especially single boy who hunt for a girlfriend…) By this feature from Bing, you can find your Facebook friends’ photos easily, so you’ll just have to select them as your ‘target’ (Okay, let’s think positive! Don’t imagine that 98% of them probably will reject you – the most important thing is, you’re happy).

The cooperation between Microsoft and Facebook called as Bing Friends Photos feature. Recently, this feature is still in Beta phase, but you can enjoy the benefits directly.

When entering Bing Friends Photos, you’ll be welcome by this display:

Find your friend’s Facebook Photos Using Bing Friends Photos!

It ask you to login with your Facebook account. After inside it, you’ll be directly receive the latest pictures in your News Feed.

Find your friend’s Facebook Photos Using Bing Friends Photos!

Then, where are those pretty photos? Be patient… With such facility from Bing, you’ll just have to write one of your female friends account from Facebook account.

Find your friend’s Facebook Photos Using Bing Friends Photos!

Then you’ll get your friend’s profile, and when you click on it, you’ll get images in your friend’s profile pages.

Find your friend’s Facebook Photos Using Bing Friends Photos!

So this feature makes you possible to get picture fast from our friendship line in Facebook. If you can write your photo and friend, you can also get photo or image without entering your friend’s account.

Photo searching truly able to be based on certain keywords, but because it’s still in Beta phase, the result isn’t perfect yet. It is said in Microsoft, you can get these features:

Searching according to photo: insert word or phrase to search your friend’s photo and find the page suits the searching you run.

Searching according to friend’s name: Insert your friend’s name, then search via their album. SOT did this when SOT tried as example above.

Searching according to latest photo. Searching according recent photo (recent photos): in Recent photos menu, select photo posted by your friends or pages you like before.

Browse your own Photos: In YourPhoto menu, select photo where you have been tagged or photo in your album.

Like, share, or comment: you can do like, share, or comment on photos you found without leaving the Bing.

Nah, if you’re interesting, you can visit Bing Find Friends feature in:

By the way, why someone prefer to search his/her friend photo via search engine? Not to enter Facebook directly? Microsoft consideration probably, there’s a possibility that the person is too lazy ‘finding’ someone profile just to search certain photo. Typing on certain keyword would be easier. Hey singles!… use this chance! Find your cute photo friends in Facebook using this Bing facility.


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