Get 2GB Cloud Storage from Bitdefender Safebox

Cloud Storage gets more popularity, after the availability of backup storage such as Pogoplug (5GB free), minus (10GB free), SugarSync (5,5GB free), Box (50GB free limited!), and Dropbox (2GB fee), now BitDefender security vendor turn to launch cloud storage. For Android and Windows user who want their data securely backed up, here I will give tips how to get 2 GB Cloud Storage free from BitDefender.


This Cloud Storage Bitdefender is named Bitdefender Safebox. For Android device owner and Windows user, Bitdefender Safebox offers 2GB cloud storage for free!

You just have to install Bitdefender Safebox application and register to Bitdefender account for free, you could have 2GB free cloud storage.

This Cloud Storage can be used to store or back up your data safely.

BitDefender Safebox features are:

1. File Backup and synchronization online and automatically.
2. Synchronization of many folders at once
3. Sending large size file easily.
4. Managing file from any place as long as internet connection exists.
5. Data is guaranteed private and secure.
6. It has versioning feature to store file in some different time versions.

After I tried it, Bitdefender Safebox has not supported batch upload feature (uploading many files at once). However, by multiple device feature for one Bitdefender Safebox account, 2 GB free Cloud Storage, also supported by trusted Bitdefender name, Bitdefender Safebox service is worth to try.


Here is download link of Bitdefender Safebox application

Bitdefender Safebox Application for Android

Bitdefender Safebox Application for Windows

Bitdefender Safebox Homepage

Enjoy trying, don’t forget to share your experience after tried this service.

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