Get 5GB Online Storage from SkyFile for Free

Many people shared files via email, even including you, but sending a file seems so slow and a bit confusing. But now, SOT has the solution, if you want to share file fast, easy and not complicated, just use SkyFile.


SkyFile is a Cloud-basis free storage online service with privacy service with secure setting, you don’t have to worry that your data would be taken by someone else.

Here is demo video from SkyFile

Features you can get from SkyFile

  • If you use your SkyFile, you can easily share photo or image with your friends. It’s so easy, you’d just have to click on URL link from your picture, then send it to your friends.
  • SkyFile is provided for free for you, you don’t have to pay to use SkyFile.
  • You can access all files you shared in SkyFile by using any device, whether cell phone, laptop, or PC
  • SkyFile is made by special platform, so it would make you easier to download and upload fast.
  • If you’re a developer, you can use API from your SkyFile account you can integrated by application you’ve made.
  • You can easily share file with large or small size, whether they are image, photo, document, or other things with your friends.

Get free 5GB storage from SkyFile by registering yourself here.

Display provided by SkyFile is quite simple, but it’s made us easily use this free online storage. But if you don’t satisfy with your SkyFile, you can use Dropbox, Box or Google Drive.

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