Get and Play FREE Angry Birds Game For Your Web Browsers!

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games which also crowned as the world’s most successful mobile app so far. Now you can play angry birds directly using your Google Chrome or other web browser you want. Angry Birds which developed by Rovio Mobile is very exciting and addictive puzzle game. No matter if you are Angry Birds lovers or people who never play it before, I suggest you to play angry birds game via your web browser. Trust could kill your boredom!

Get and Play FREE Angry Birds Game For Your Web Browsers!

Angry birds game story talk about a group of birds who very angry to a group of pigs because their eggs have been cooked by the pigs. Now the birds trying to get revenge and destroy the pigs in their fortified castles.

When playing angry birds, you play as group of birds who tried to destroy all pigs on his castles. With various design of the pigs’ castles, you need to use your brain how to destroy them quickly, easily, and with one attack you could destroy a whole pig who take refuge in it!

You can play angry birds game directly from your browser by accessing this website below:


You can also install angry birds on your google chrome browser by visit this chrome store page:

Angry Birds Chrome Extensions

After I played this Angry Birds which provided by Google chrome, I found 2 playable stages. The first is Poached Eggs stage which consist of 63 levels and the other is Chrome Dimension stage which consist of 7 game levels. So there are 70 levels you can play in this Angry Birds browser version. Are you ready to destroy all the pigs and satisfy the angry birds?

2 Stage of Angry Birds free for browser

Angry Birds levels

Based on my experience, I can’t play this game while IDM (Internet Download Manager) installed on my browser. The solution is disable the IDM add on before you play this game.

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