Get The First Google+ Tips and Tricks Guide Ever

Google+ is the youngest social network today that developed by Google. Even it still in beta testing, there a lot of people curious about its features and wonder if they can create their G+ account soon. For you who interested with Google+ and curious about how to use Google+, now there are an open document on Google Docs created by more than 50 Google+ users. That G+ guide titled “Google+ Tips and Tricks”.

Get The First Google+ Tips and Tricks Guide Ever

On Google+ Tips and Tricks, you could find the feature explanations and how to use every features provided in Google+. There are several chapter inside the Google+ Tips and Tricks documents such as: what is Google+, the terminology of its features (+Sparks, +Hangouts, +Huddle, Google+ Mobile), General tips of Google+ and even advanced tips of Google+. In the last chapter there are also active discussions where you can type your question and it will answered by the contributors.

Google+ Tips and Tricks is the first Google+ how to tutorial created by its current members. You can access Google+ Tips and Tricks guide directly from Google Docs.

Actually, Google+ Tips and Tricks document is not finished yet. There are several chapter still in writing and editing progress. But it’s very useful for anyone who don’t know a lot about Google+ and anyone who curious about its features.

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