Have you got Free 5GB Storage from Google Drive or not?

Don’t want to be left with other companies, giant online company Google finally released backup storage service which named as Google Drive. Surely competition among cloud storage company would be higher. Dropbox, Box, Sugarsync and other companies which are hard to be counted probably needed to be alerted by the inclusion of this giant company in their business area. Yup. It could be disaster for those companies, but still it’s a gift for us ^^. How could not? Google gives 5GB free storage for each member. You know yourself how the hardware strength from Google. Our data security is very guaranteed there.

Have you got Free 5GB Storage from Google Drive or not?

What is the benefit of Google Drive?

Not far different with other cloud storage service, Google Drive can be used to backup data, share file, access file from anywhere, and do document collaboration with team which has different location with us.

What made Google Drive different with similar kind of service?

Google integrated almost all their features and services with Google Drive. Gmail, Google Docs, and other services can be integrated directly to this cloud storage. Even Google Drive can be used to open various files, started from document, video, Adobe illustrator, to Adobe Photoshop… Even if you don’t have the software in your computer.

Have you already got free 5GB Storage from Google Drive?

After Google Drive was released, there are many people used free storage offered. But such an misfortune for me, I haven’t got it. In fact, not all people are able to enjoy this free cloud storage service. Some people have, and some other haven’t.
For you who curious whether you already got free 5 GB from Google Drive or not, just check directly by:

Login to your Gmail account, then opened your Google Drive here. If you’re lucky, you’ll get message below:

Have you got Free 5GB Storage from Google Drive or not?

However, if you already had free 5GB… Honestly, I envy you ^^..( whoops… I’m just kidding… hehe ^^.

If you already got the free storage, I congrats you and don’t forget to share it here, what is the service like. Meanwhile, I’m still loyal with SugarSync, but if Google Drive is truly cool… I can change to other heart… Enjoy trying ^^.

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